Ticket Info

Please be aware of which website you purchase your tickets from. The official venue and artist websites have official ticket links. We encourage you to verify with the venue before you purchase from any other entity. 

Our recommendation to avoid ticket fraud/scams:

Start by going to the events tab on our website www.pepperentertainment.com/events, the official artist website, the official venue website, or the venue box office in person. Common ticketing websites our shows use are: Etix.com, and Ticketmaster.com.

 If purchasing over the phone, make sure the phone number is from the official website, not just a search engine result.

 Please do not trust all online search engine results for ticket sellers. Search results can include paid ads, sellers that charge high fees, and fraudulent tickets.

We do not recommend purchasing tickets from people you don’t know on social media or buy and sell websites. Never wire transfer money to pay for tickets. Never trust sellers who want you to pay with a prepaid money card. Never pay before seeing the tickets and verifying they are real. Never meet an individual ticket seller alone or in a low-traffic area.


There are several options to report a ticket scam:

-Contact your state consumer protection office.

-Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the Online Complaint Assistant.

-File a local police report, especially if you met the scammer in person or have a picture of them to give the police.

-If you paid by credit card, report the problem to the card company.



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